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Bernita Bush – Singer

Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.
Take a few moments to discover something about me that you never knew before.

Bernita Bush is an American and a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. Music has always been a significant part of her life. A true passion which began in the church, and the years she spent playing the viola in her school's classical orchestra. She was also fortunately influenced by the soul, pop, and jazz enjoyed by her family.

Her 1980 professional residency in Switzerland also opened the door to an entirely unique love and appreciation of music. Gospel, her first love, ultimately evolved with her vast pedigree of the music of soul, pop, blues and classical.

She advanced her knowledge, style and her interpretation of all genres of music, along with private voice lessons at the Jazz School in Bern, Switzerland.

Today, she has currently amassed 20 years of Big Band experience, and continues to perform Gospel and Jazz concerts. Moreover, between 1991 and 2014 she produced 18 CD recordings; in a wide variety of settings,
including piano/duo, trio, quartet and symphonic orchestrations.

Clearly, she has packaged more notes, tunes, grooves and emotions affectionately into her all new "Bernita's Jazz Bag."

Do tune in! You'll surely find a treat in every beat!

Bernita's Music

From Bernita's Gospel Passion to American Black Music and the Jazz Lady.

Bernita's Jazz Bag

Bernita's Jazz Bag presents an entirely new "jazzy" formulation.

Bernita's Concerts

An overview of current and upcoming concerts.